Swedish Car Day 2010 a wash

The 10th annual Swedish Car Day organised by Charles River Saab, in Boston, was held on the weekend but unfortunately, it was only the brave and the foolhardy who looked the inclement weather in the eye and said “Meh, I’ll go anyway”
Boston.com state that the day normally attracts 200+ cars but the poor weather kept the number down to around 60 this year, the majority of them from our favourite Swedish marque.
There’s a photo gallery from the event here. Kudos to those who did manage to brave the elements and fly the flag.
The organisers had two different promotional banners for this year’s event. It looks like they got it right with the Volvo banner.
Here’s to a bigger and better double-whammy Swedish Car Day XI next year.
And guys, don’t feel too sad. At least you’re supposed to be having poorer weather this time of year. Here in Hobart, where it’s Spring, we also had a big car show cancelled on the weekend due to waterlogged grounds, thanks to the copious amounts of rain we’ve had recently.

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