Swedish electric car: three years away

This seems like a little bit of a downer after all the promise showed by the Electro Engine Saab 9-3 Convertible, but it seems we might still be three years from regular production of an electric car from Sweden.

A gathering took place recently at the Innovatum facility in Trollhattan. All of the potential suppliers and manufacturers got together to see where the possibilities for electric vehicles were at.

Ny Teknik was there to cover it (Googletrans)

During a seminar at Innovatum technology park in Trollhättan, Saab Automobile and Volvo Cars discussed Swedish development of electric cars. 29 sub-contractors also had a chance to present techniques for the car makers – techniques which can allow a Swedish-made electric car within three years…..

The day seems to have been driven by an effort called the Flash Project, which seems to be a collaboration of a number of companies, including Saab and Electro Engine. It seems to be a government funded research project aimed at speeding the development of electric propulsion for mass produced automobiles.

There was a great openness between suppliers. All automakers have the same problem – to get electric cars are running well and be in the forefront when it comes to climate comfort. It is good if everyone uses the same type of solutions.” he tells Nyteknik.se, and continues:

– To create an electric car does not happen overnight, it is a very large project. But I really think that there were many great Swedish ideas at the seminar.

It seems we’re still all a while away from sneaking up behind pedestrians and scaring them inside out driving one of those sexy silent Electro Engine Saab 9-3 Convertibles, but hopefully Saab can remain at the forefront of this research and come up with a segment-leading example when it’s finally ready.


Thanks Magnus!

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