The 99Turbo story begins – for real

It’s rubber-hits-the-road time for me and my new (old) Saab 99 Turbo.
Things might be a little quiet around here as I collect the vehicle.
There is now operational, but we’ve got a lot to do before bringing it home. I have to detach a gearbox from the spare engine, swap over a few panels and then figure out what parts to bring back in the car, what to store and what to scrap.
Saab 99 Turbo
Hopefully there’ll be no more need for one of those flatbeds……
Fellow Tassie Saabnut, Drew B, is coming along for the ride and we’ll catch up with a few of the Melbourne Saabers while we’re there.
I’ll try and update things from time to time, but a little patience would be helpful. Plenty of photos from the weekend will be forthcoming, I’m sure, including one of Drew driving the porcelain bus on the boat ride home 🙂

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