Why is it so hard to ship an engine?

I’ve been running around (on the phone) like a madman trying to get a company to help me ship an engine from Melbourne to Hobart. How hard can this be?
The Saab 99 Turbo I’ve bought comes with a spare engine and gearbox (along with numerous other spares). The spare engine blew some time ago, which is why it’s out of the car, but apparently the gearbox is quite good and therefore is required for my rebuild.
I was hoping to ship the whole lump over here but my main problem seems to be getting some assistance with packing and securing the engine ready for shipping.
Right now, the engine is sitting at the seller’s home. He has an engine hoist, so there’s no problem lifting it. The problem is that it has to be prepared in such a way as to be ready for transport. That means packing it on a shipping pallet and securing it in place so it won’t move, leak, etc.
I don’t happen to have any shipping pallets handy, but I figured a transport company would and that they could also pack the engine to get it ready for shipping, for a fee.
No. They only transport them.
Next, I called the two big Saab parts re-sellers in Melbourne: Saabwreck and VolvSaab. They sell engines and obviously have to pack them ready for freight. Could I deliver the engine to them and get them to help me by packing the engine, for a fee?
No. Not interested. (Thanks very much)
So it looks like my spare engine will remain where it is.
I had hoped to strip the deceased engine for good condition spare parts, but it looks like I’ll have to just remove the gearbox and leave the engine. Fortunately, the car comes with numerous other spares that are already packed in various boxes. Hopefully there are some engine bits that are already dismantled amongst these.
Thanks to everyone for your ideas and contacts.
I’ve managed to get some help from Terry, one of the former Saabwreck guys who’s now running a Saab parts place on his own. He was more than happy to help me prepare the engine for freight and have it picked up from there by the transport company.
Terry’s business details:
All Saab Parts
43 Fairview St
Springvale VIC 3171
(03) 9562 3399
Am just awaiting the actual frieght cost quotation now, from a mate of PT’s. Should be coming through soon, hopefully.
Also, if you ever need to find out the weight of an engine, try this site. It’ll give you a starting point, at least. The basic Saab slant4 engine weighed in at 290lbs (130kg) so I’ve estimated the engine+gearbox weight of the 99T at 200-230kg.

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