You make the news – birthday edition

Given that I was taking the evening off, I kept my word to the Mrs and didn’t open things up here until this morning. I’ve now just read all of your birthday wishes out loud as we had breakfast and needless to say my little blog-widow of a wife was deeply touched being the recipient of so much goodwill from all around the world.
You all have made her day, and we are both very thankful for your generosity of spirit and well wishes. It’s still October 7 in Belgium, where she was born, so technically I still read them all to her on her birthday, too!
Thanks again.

It may be another quiet evening around here. Last night was quiet because I was absolutely stuffed and needed some break time. Tonight’s a bit more legitimate, however.
The Mrs Swade who is so patient and kind in allowing me to spend so much time writing this stuff is having a birthday!!
By the time you read this we’ll be luxuriating in big comfy chairs, watching Mao’s Last Dancer and having nibblies delivered to our seats mid-movie. I love Gold Class and the special occasions when the exorbitant cost can be justified 🙂
Consequently, if there’s anything of significance announced during the next 8 hours, please feel free to keep each other informed in comments to this post.
Or you could say happy birthday.
Or you take a look at PJ’s paintings (the emus are all sold – sorry)
Or you could have a read of the Simon Padian interview pieces (parts ett and två) as they’re quite good, even if I do say so myself.
Be good.

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