A little news on Saab in Canada

One of the great mysteries surrounding the sale of Saab is what will happen to distribution in countries not named Sweden, Great Britain and the United States.
Saab will set up their own distribution organisations in those three countries, but it seems the rest of the world will rely on importers getting on board. One of the contentious markets that we’ve been focused on a little is the Canadian market.
Given it’s proxomity to the US, there was some thought that it may be overseen by the new Saab Cars North America headed up by Mike Colleran. There’s been little news on Canadian distribution, though, and when I asked Colleran about it in Frankfurt a few months ago he was decidedly undecided on the issue.
Turbin’s been browsing the web and noticed this comment to a story about Saab:

I can assure you Saab will be in Canada. Once the deal is closed with GM and the new owners, Saab North America will be supporting a network through a new Distributor/Importer of record that has experience around the world with all neccessary procedures. The Canadian Saab network will be made up of surviving Saab outlets and some new recruits so that Saab will be represented in all larger Canadian markets. Saab customers can be sure that the car they own will have service, warranty and parts support going forward. Saab will be launching the new 95 as the 2010 model year evolves. 2010 Saab cars will be arriving after a slight delay due to the change over from GM Canada to the new importer.
Posted by: Chris Budd | November 13, 2009 at 04:29 PM

Chris Budd is the ‘Budd’ in Budds Saab, located in Oakville, Ontario.
There was some unsubstantiated talk last week that distribution here in Australia might be taken over by a company called Ateco. I didn’t get to see the article myself and nothing’s appeared online yet, hence the lack of coverage here.
Ateco currently deal with Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Citroen, Maserati, and they’ve just embarked on a new deal to distribute Great Wall vehicles from China, as well. Turbin’s also managed to sniff out that the current EO of Ateco is a guy named Edward Butler, who amongst other things, has spent some time in the past as the Asia Pacific Regional Sales Manager for Saab Automobile AB (1998-2000).
I imagine the distribution deal that might take place in Canada, and possibly here in Australia, could look something like this Ateco deal (if it happens).
It’s good to hear something on Canada, at least. Here’s hoping all these deals get sorted in the very near future.

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