Another Mellberg Saab?

UPDATE below
I posted earlier today about the Leif Mellberg Mayo P1, a car based on Saab mechanicals and made by a guy who made a name for himself in Sweden as a custom car builder.
In comments to that post, Jacco left some links to a French publication that had some better quality photos of the car (much appreciated!)
What piqued my curiosity, however, was one of the images of a different car within the same story.
Anyone know anything about this one? Is it another one of Mellberg’s creations?
Whilst it looks a bit similar to the ‘Saaberrari’, it seems to have Saab 9000 rear lights, different doors and window arrangements behind the doors, which makes me think it’s a different car all together rather than a prototype of the same car.
Anyone recognise it?
Tompa recalls seeing this car at a Bilsport motor show back in the early 1990s. Apparently it was simply called “Future” and was indeed another Leif Mellberg creation.
Here’s a photo Tompa took at the show. Click to enlarge.
Thanks to Tompa for the updated info!

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Johan F

This car is NOT built by Leif Mellberg. Leif had the workshop in Nyköping and lived just outside the in the community Stigtomta. I grew up in the neighboring village, and followed him in both local newspapers and automotive magazines. Sometimes googling I was after where his car ended up today (And found this page). Since he died before the Internet became popular in every man’s home, there is unfortunately not so much about him online. This is another car I usually google for sometimes to see if it still remains today. But it was not built by Mellberg. The… Read more »

Johan F

I go through old magazines and scan what is interesting, I have no capacity to save on everything. Unfortunately, 190 magazines destroyed when it was leaked sewage water in the basement. Found an article about the competition “The world’s coolest SAAB” in Bilsport No. 20-1990. Builder of the Future was called Tommy Gullberg. With the name, I could easily find his company and # It seems that Sune Envall found their way here before me, but commented on Twitter instead. If he is, you never know on the internet. Future won the competition 1989th After that he changed… Read more »

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