Another new dealership in Netherlands

Our mates from Saab Apeldoorn in The Netherlands have done it again….
On April 1 this year, Ruud Blokhuis and his partner Fernand opened a new dealership in Apeldoorn. This was in a year when Saab’s supplier in the Netherlands went bankrupt so supply was virtually non-existent. Oh yeah, and GM put Saab up for sale, too.
These are not the ideal conditions to start a business, but start they did and despite the difficult year, things are going OK at Saab Apeldoorn.
Once again, at a time when GM’s about to pass on a decision on Saab’s future, Ruud is posting another vote of confidence by opening a second Saab dealership – in Utrecht.
The message from Ruud:
I’m pleased to let you know that I will start a new Saab dealership at Utrecht on the first of January 2010 together with Jody Kok.
Jody was Dealer Development Manager at Saab Netherlands, before the bankruptcy of Kroymans Corporation. Fernand and I met him when we started our Saab dealership at Apeldoorn. The contact with Jody was good and continued when he lost his job because of the bankruptcy. Kroymans Corporation was the owner of Saab Netherlands and several Saab dealerships, for example at Utrecht and Amsterdam.
Jody’s experience and contacts were very useful for me, when I was thinking about a second dealership. Together we investigated the opportunities to start a second Saab dealership. I knew that Jody would like to manage a dealership himself, if we would succeed in finding a good opportunity.
Because Jody lives near the city of Utrecht, we first tried to restart a Saab dealership at Utrecht. When investigating the opportunities there was one big problem: we couldn’t find a good and affordable location. After very many disappointing meetings with the owners of automotive locations we came to the conclusion that starting up a dealership at Utrecht wouldn’t be possible.
saab utrecht1.jpg
But then…. we got a phonecall about a suitable location at Utrecht. After several negotiations we had a contract to rent the location, and a Letter of Intent with the distributor. In the front part of the picture you can see the former Saab dealerlocation of Kroymans Utrecht. Behind it you can see the Smart location where will start at the first of January 2010. At the left side you can see the A12, one of the main highways in the Netherlands. The A12 begins at the Hague and ends at the border with Germany.
We hope that Saab Utrecht will be have the same success as Saab Apeldoorn. We have a simple website now, that will be soon upgraded to an official Saab Dealerwebsite.
The webadress is:
With thanks to Albert and of course, Ruud!

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