Auto Motor Sport feature classic Saab 900

If this didn’t involve people who I consider to be friends, I’d probably have a good giggle. It would rate pretty well on Bill Simmons’ scale of unintentional comedy (if he cared about cars).
Bjorn_Envall_Saab_500.jpg As it is, I’m just left to feel poorly for what was/is most likely a great story with what’s turned to be terrible timing. The story will come out in the next print edition of Auto Motor and Sport in Sweden, which should arrive in subscribers’ letter boxes on or around November 27.
The magazine will feature a six-page story on the 1984 Saab 900 Aero. AMS interviewed prominent Saabers such as designer, Bjorn Envall, aerodynamics guru Håkan Danielsson, as well as would-have-been owners Christian von Koenigsegg and Bard Eker.
The magazines actually went to print just yesterday, the same day Koenigsegg Group pulled the pin on the deal.
Despite the ill-timed interviews, I’m sure the story’s still going to be well worth reading so you non-subscribing Swedes should look out for it on news stands soon.

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