Call yourself hardcore? Not your average Saab collectors

This is Sibylla Gustafsson……
This is Sibylla with her partner, Lars Björk, and their 1961 Saab 96 stopping for coffee…..
They look quite the quaint couple, wouldn’t you agree? They don’t look like your average gearheads or car collectors.
And yet these two are possibly one of the most hardcore collecting couples I’ve seen in 5 years of Saab blogging.
Sibylla admits becoming somewhat partial to Saabs when her father brought home their family’s first Saab many years ago and she got her own first Saab at age 16. Yes, she is the driving force behind this Saab collection, which is quite a formidable one.
In short, they own nine Saabs, ranging from a 1959 Saab 93 to a 1998 Saab 9000. The 9000 is Lars’ daily driver and Sibylla gets around in a much rarer Saab 90 from 1985. They also own two Saabo caravans, a shed full of spare parts and other collectibles – as well as somewhere north of 500 Saab and Scania scale models…..
Personally, I think they should open a museum.
I’ve seen some serious hardcore Saab owners in my time writing this blog, but I’m not sure I’ve seen too many collections of cars, both real and in scale, that can rival this one.
If you’re blessed with the ability to read Swedish, then you can check them out here. There’s also a brilliant slideshow featuring heaps more photos.
This is some of Saab’s real heart on show here.
My thanks to Fredrik for the link. Magnificent.

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