DI.se not doing themselves favours in the credibility stakes

Generally speaking, I find Dagens Industry to be OK when it comes to Saab stories. They sensationalise a bit every now and then, but they’ve got good resources and they use them to get a lot of information.
I read through a couple of stories there this morning, though, and I’ve got to express some concern over their willingness to beat a dead horse for the sake of getting a headline.
The first story I turned to today was at the top of their website. It was a critical piece on Christian von Koenigsegg, with DI.se’s expert saying he just didn’t believe CvK’s explanation about why the deal failed (i.e. they ran out of time and the risks became unacceptable).
Now, I can understand his reasoning here, because I’ve said myself that there must have been more to it.
But then they drag up “other instances where Christian von Koenigsegg has had problems with credibility” (via Googletrans). Their indictment is this – Koenigsegg set a speed record of 388 km/h that was not verified by FIA.
Big deal!!
Their critique of the Saab affair is OK with me, but if you’re going to put a guy up on your front page and discredit him, then please have something more in your armory than an unacknowledged speed record.
The other bit of inaccurate writing today on DI.se is their contention that Saab will likely be declared bankrupt at GM’s instruction next week.
Again, a googletrans:

Saab owner General Motors will not drive car builder further on their own, said sources in Dagens Industri. It increases the risk that Saab is declared bankrupt in the next week.

Saab might be closed on GM’s decision next week, but it won’t be because of bankruptcy. It’s my understanding the Saab has sufficient cash to keep operating for some time yet. Not a long time, but they can keep producing.
And lest they forget that Saab just went through a court process to reconstruct their business and their debt structure.
My Googletrans might be inaccurate in translating to ‘bankruptcy’, but if not then I just understand why they’ve used this terminology.

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