Djup Strupe and the EIB loan

I mentioned in my snippets entry earlier today that any potential new owner would have to re-apply for an EIB loan if such a loan was needed.
This came from a quote by Maud Olofsson, the Enterprise and Energy minister in the Swedish government. This is just a Googletrans, but it seems pretty clear cut:

Maud Olofsson also notes that the negotiations on EIB loans made are linked to Koenigsegg, which means that any new buyer must restart the process.
– As long as there is a buyer who needs to EIB loans to drag it on. But this is not a problem for a buyer with enough money. Do you have enough money, it allows.

So if you’re not Koenigsegg, you need to re-start the process. If you’ve got anough money, then you should be OK as you wouldn’t need it.
I’ve received a note from Djup Strupe* about this claim, and our inside friend begs to differ.
Putting it simply……
According to Djup Strupe’s knowledge of the matter, the EIB loan application is one made by Saab, based on a business plan developed by Saab with the Koenigsegg ownership group in mind but it could be taken up by any new owner who had a strong ownership structure in mind. These are the two critical elements – the plan and a solid ownership structure.
So if a new owner comes along and wants to implement Saab’s plan, then the EIB loans should still be available to them. Saab are the applicant and as long as the conditions described in the application are not altered, the loans should still be accessible. If any new application is needed, it would likely be a much quicker affair involving the credentials of the new ownership body. The plan is already known, approved and accepted (and just between you and me, well regarded)
The plan is the critical, time consuming element and that belongs to Saab.
*Djup Strupe is the name given to insiders who help us stay on top of things from time to time. It’s Swedish for ‘Deep Throat’

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