Does anyone know the whereabouts of the Mayo P1?

This is another custom built car based on Saab mechanicals by a guy named Leif Mellberg. We’ve covered a couple of Mellberg’s custom Saabs in the past, though this one may be the most distinctive yet.
This car is called the Mayo P1 and it was built in the early 1990s using a lot of parts from the Saab 9000. Mellberg built it based on designs by Sune Envall, the brother of legendary Saab designer, Bjorn Envall.
Mellberg envisioned a run of 20 of these vehicles, but only one was ever made, mostly due to economic conditions at the time. The car cost around 1.5million SEK and that’s in 1991 money!
The all-important stats on the car:

  • Build/Design: Leif Mellberg, Sune Envall.
  • Body: two-seater sports coupe with pop-up mirrors integrated in the doors.
  • Engine: Mid-mounted 2.3-liter Saab (located in front of the rear axle), turbocharged, four valves per cylinder, DOHC technology, modified steering system, increased boost pressure.
  • Transmission: 5-speed from Saab, modified and with a higher gear.
  • Drive: Rear-wheels.
  • Front suspension: Individual, modified Saab 9000 front axle.
  • Rear suspension: Individual modified Saab 9000 rear end.
  • Brakes: Ventilated discs. Custom 4-piston caliper front.
  • Wheels: 16 “Aero wheels, Bridgestone tires, 245/40-16.
  • Interior: Completely custom design, leather / suede, electrically adjustasble custom designed seats based on Recaro.
  • Dimensions: Length: 400 cm. Height: 104 cm. Wheelbase: 260 cm.
  • Track width: 160 cm.
  • Curb weight: 1,100 kg.
  • Performance: Not tested, but the calculations give 0-100 km/h at 6 seconds. The theoretical top speed is 280 km/h.

I hadn’t heard of this car prior to receiving an email from one of the writers from Tekniken’s Varld today. Well, I though I hadn’t heard of it, but when I did a search I found that a reference had been made to it in comments here, in a prior post. That comment contained the link from which I obtained the information you’re seeing now.
I got the impression that the guys at Tekniken’s would like track the car down. Actually, these photos look like magazine scans and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re originally from Teknikens Varld.
If you’ve got any idea as to where the car might be today, please feel free to drop some knowledge either via comments or email. It really would be great to track these unique ‘Saabs’ down.
Other Mellberg Saab-based vehicles that we’ve covered in the past:
Saab Speeder
‘Saaberrari’ – my name for it – and better photo here
There is some talk that Mellberg may have had a hand in the Saab EV-1 concept car, too, though I’d not heard that before.

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  1. The car is somewehere in the Stockholm-area, a lawyer bought it. And the pictures are either from the german AutoBild or Autozeitung or the italian AutoItalia. I sold an article about the car in 1990 or 1991 to severla magazines and papers.

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