Eker Speaks on the Koenigsegg withdrawal

Thanks to Börjesson in comments.
Unfortunately, we have to do this. It is sad, but we’ve realised that we can’t make it in time. There’s too little time to close the deal, says Bård Eker, part owner of Koenigsegg Group through his company Eker Group.
Like Christian von Koenigsegg, he mentions that the 30th of November was the crucial date. That was when the puzzle had to be complete.
– For the company (Saab) to live on, we had set that date. The date was a milestone, and we won’t reach it.
How do you account for the delay? Everybody knew that it was a complex affair?
– Maybe we haven’t conveyed the complexity of the affair clearly enough. There have been six, seven different constellations that had to move at the same pace. We have to take responsibilty that we weren’t diligent enough in conveying the message that we are short of time. – And if we can’t catch up, then Saab dies.
You don’t see any other possibility for Saab?
– Unfortunately, that’s what we see is going to happen, says Bård Eker.
Is there any other potential buyer now that you drop out?
– I wish I could have answered yes to that question, but unfortunately I’m not aware of any other.
So why November 30?
GM set a date of December 31. Why November 30?
What’s the condition here?

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