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OK — for all of you out there biting your nails wondering if your Saab dealer was fired or was re-knighted as a purveyor of fine Swedish metal, I offer these small diversions to ease the tension that you may feel….
First, the fleet at the EggsNGrits manse has grown large. Four vehicles for two drivers is a bit much. But they look so good in the driveway.

the fleet.jpg
front 34.jpg

Click through the jump at the bottom for more pics of the “new guy”, my “new” 1991 Saab 900 Turbo convertible in Edwardian Grey. I love driving that car! More on that in a future post.
General Motors has repaid another 200 Million Euros from its May 2009 bridge loan from the German government, and confirms that the remainder (400 Million Euros) will be repaid within the month.
Certainly, this signals that Opel and Vauxhall are at least holding their own in the European market. If they are counting on labor concessions, our old pal Klaus Franz, the head of the German auto workers union representing the Opel Russelheim workers, calls the GM plan “a farce” and says that, “there won’t be a single cent’s worth of concessions from workers to back [GM’s plan]”. As you may recall, Mr. Franz demanded that Saab assembly work should be transferred to Russelheim to meet contractual increases at the expense of the Trollhattan labor force.
My word to Klaus Franz: those karma paybacks are pretty stiff, aren’t they? I think that you’ll get what you deserve and more from GM. The gloves are off and they’re going to make money, even if that means making lots and lots of cars in Korea.
I, for one, am glad that Saab’s future will be only loosely tied to you!
Finally, how’s this for contrarian thinking: A Saab dealership that’s expanding!
Well, actually, Valenti Saab, a Watertown, Connecticut dealer, will move the Saab showroom into a new building rather than have Saab share space with the VW and Audi cars in their current space.
Hey, if they need more room, I call that an expansion in this day and time!
Congratulations, Valenti.
(And a note to Mr. Taylor, the newspaperman that wrote the story: Saab is in Sweden, not in Switzerland. We’ll keep that between us.)

rear 34.jpg
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