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In light of the withdrawal of the Koenigsegg Group from the deal to purchase Saab, there are a few different feedback and support sites popping up already.
One young guy in Norway named Halvor has started a Facebook page called What happend to Saab?
I noted in comments that another guy has started a public campaign on a site called Are You With Me? That site involves signing up to say that you’ll purchase a Saab between 2010 – 2012 if Saab still exist and the cars continue to be made in Sweden.
Please feel free to check those out and lend them your support if you feel so moved.
The option I’ve taken is to contact GM via their website. I think this link should get you to the correct feedback form. If it doesn’t work, go to > Contact Us > Feedback > Community > Feedback form (and thanks to Trouble In Texas for the link path).
Be polite. Be nice. You have 2,400 characters to state your case for Saab, whatever that case is.
Here’s what I wrote:
Hi GM,
It was with great sadness that I took a call at 3.30am today telling me that the deal for Saab had fallen through due to a decision by the Koenigsegg Group.
I just wanted to add my support for you trying to find another buyer for Saab. I still believe there’s a right buyer out there who can complete the deal quickly if you’re willing and able to come to the party.
I think you’ve got too much on your plate already and aside from that, I don’t think you do European that well and you certainly don’t do niche very well. Because of that, I sincerely hope you call that buyer and have a continuing business relationship that will see you get some value from the work already done on the Saab 9-4x and 9-5.
Steven Wade

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