Friday morning snippets

There’s plenty going on in the background, I can tell you that. Meetings here there and everywhere.
Further to the stuff that I wrote about the EIB loan earlier today….from

EIB’s decision to loan to Saab of 400 million still applies, says EIB Eva Srejber to Koenigsegg-defection alters nothing – but a new analysis should be done.

They do mention that an analysis of the new ownership structure would have to be done, but theoretically, the loan decision could be maintained based on the plans already submitted by Saab.
I’m told that Jan-Ake Jonsson will be giving a prepared speech at an event this afternoon. The event was organised some time ago and some thought recent events might mean a cancellation from JAJ. Not so.
TTELA will be there, so you can check them out this evening to see what Jan-Ake has to say.
There is a Saab leadership meeting on as I write this. I interrupted Eric Geers on the phone as he was on his way in there. He had time to confirm that there has already been interest expressed in buying Saab from previously interested parties.
I imagine there will be a few of those meetings over the next few days.
You can picture yourself what will be on the agenda for that, but I’d guess positioning the company for a new buyer and enlisting government help in the interim – and in discussions with GM over the next few days – would be pretty high up there.
Bard Eker has shown considerable contrition since the KG deal fell over.
Not only did he go to the factory with CvK yesterday and offer himself for a decent beating should the workers choose to do so, he also placed an order for a 9-3 convertible while he was there.
This is a man with some serious regrets about what’s happened. One gets the impression that he was really into this.
I heard from a dealer in Europe today, with regard to the new Saab 9-5. He took orders for 5 sales of the new 9-5 – and all of those were in just one day.
Saab and GM just have to find a way to get this done.
Just in case you all forgot what this is all about – Saab make cars.
This is one of the best of them:
You might remember the 700hp Saab 99 that got a lot of coverage on the internets a few weeks ago. The guy who wrote the big English language story on that car was young bloke named James Mackintosh, on a website called CarThrottle.
James is the owner of a very nice Saab 900 and he’s just started a personal website to over his adventures with the car.
The convertible, above, is not his car (though he wishes it was) but it is for sale and featured on the site. Check them both out here:
Feel better. Feel good. Feel wonderful.

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