Heart and Soul – the Story of a Swedish Underdog

God bless Google Translate!
Those of you who are fortunate enough to read Swedish should click here and read this great account of what made Saab an icon in Sweden and around the world. It’s appearing in SVD and is a great read.
Those of you who don’t read Swedish should head for Google translate and copy the text in there. It’s not a straight readable English version but it’s god enough to get the essence of the piece.
And what a great piece it is.
What I like – it really does sum up well the progress Saab made throughout the years in developing into a company with some very sophisticated and advanced cars.
What I don’t like – it almost reads like an obituary.
Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed that it does not come to that. If Ed Whitacre’s got good people around him then he knows it’ll cost GM less to sell Saab to the right company (heck, they’ll even make money) than to liquidate it or close it down. Sanity should prevail.
With thanks to ErikM in comments.

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