JAJ appeals to Swedish government

As mentioned briefly last night, Saab’s head man in Sweden, Jan-Ake Jonsson, appeared at a presentation in Trollhattan yesterday, which somewhat ironically was all about the future. It was booked some time ago when the future looked quite a bit different to how it does today.
During the presentation, JAJ addressed the issue of aid that was offered to the Swedish automotive industry early in the year. None of that proposed aid has been used by Saab or Volvo, primarily because the conditions for its use were too difficult to manage.
A googletrans from DI.se

The conditions are too tough, simply. A loan to be repaid after six months.
Saab Head would like to see the government under the conditions the EU will replace rescue loans to a reorganization loan, another form of loans with different terms.
“Then GM would listen,” said Jonsson.
He sees the passing of time for a new business which is extremely important, as vital for Saab. And he is hoping for a straight answer from GM’s board next Tuesday.
“Time is essential. Next week I’m hoping for a strategic decision. How do we proceed? It is important to make clear statements.”

What I believe Jan-Ake is saying there is that if Saab have a viable option available to them that will enable them to separate from General Motors, then the government need to act quickly in assessing this and offering their support for the option in a tangible way so that that option can be presented to General Motors in the right light before next Tuesday’s GM Board meeting.
The Swedish media has concentrated on calling this a complaint on JAJ’s part, but the important part is the forward-looking part. JAJ’s appealing for them to listen and act so that GM can get a clear message from Sweden prior to Tuesday.
Here’s hoping that the government is listening and maybe sending a few officials away to meet with the associated parties in the next few days. Time is of the essence.

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