Kelly Saab – cut PA dealer – rallies support

Kelly Cadillac Saab are located in Lancaster County, central Pennsylvania, and they were one of the unfortunate ones who received a letter saying that their dealership would not be one of the retained outlets in the future.
Kelly aren’t taking the notice lying down, though. They have a love for the Saab brand and feel a obligation to their customers, so they’ve started a website – – in order to petition Koenigsegg Group into reconsidering this decision.

……we were somewhat dismayed last week when we were notified that Koenigsegg Automotive has chosen to close our Saab dealership.
Since more than 8,000 Saabs have come through the doors at Kelly – with over 1,500 current and active Saab customers – we believe that Kelly Saab plays an integral role in the future of Saab here in the United States. The Kelly family has been in the automotive industry for over three decades, and owns 12 franchises in 6 locations along the eastern seaboard. We have deep ties to our customers and community in all these locations.
To that end, we have respectfully contacted Koenigsegg Automotive to take a closer look at Kelly Cadillac Saab in order to realize the negative impact that closing this particular location could have on their chances for succcess.
So we’d like you, the customers of our Saab dealership, to let Mr. von Koenigsegg know what you think of our dealership, of your Saab automobile and the importance of keeping a Saab dealership within Lancaster County.

Please click here to read the messages of support and maybe even leave one of your own.
There are 150+ comments there already, which is a very good start.
Earlier this year there were a lot of people in the car industry who would have left Saab for dead. It seems to me that if you’ve got someone this committed to supporting Saab and keeping them, you ought to keep that person on-side.
It’s my understanding that appeals from dealerships that were cut have been coming into the offices of Saab Cars North America and that those appeals will be considered this week.
I hope some good judgement is excercised here, and that the good people in some of these dedicated Saab dealerships are retained. It matters.

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