Lots of talk about Merbanco

Two sources have come out in the last few hours with stories about Merbanco contacting GM. Both Expressen and Aftonbladet have claimed sources informing them about Merbanco being back in the game.
Contact between Merbanco and GM, if it has indeed happened, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Allow me to call to your attention once again what Christopher Johnston had to say to Saabs United a few days ago, when the Koengisegg deal first fell through:

We are quite sad to hear the news. We remain fans of the brand and team at Saab. Under the right circumstances, would be pleased to look at stepping in and applying our experience to help.

So they were interested. The fact that they may have made a call shouldn’t be too surprising.
The Expressen article is full of facts from the interview I did with “CJ” earlier this year and re-published the other day. They claim to have a source and I haven’t checked with them about that, but due to past experience (and the substantive amount of quotation from the interview) I wouldn’t bet my house on it.
I’ve checked with Robert Collin at Aftonbladet and he assures me his source is well placed.
So if Merbanco are in – all well and good. As you know, if there are any substantive developments, I’ll get them to you when I can.

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