Monday morning snippets – the wait (weight?)

It’s two minutes to midnight, people. The waiting really is the hardest part, isn’t it?
Sorry, double musical cliche there, but only one worth the link IMHO.
The situation as it stands now:

  • A lot of sources are reporting at least two, and some of them three, potential buyers for Saab. BAIC and Merbanco have been mentioned regularly. We know that Merbanco is definitely interested and BAIC have said they’re “assessing their options”. Renco have also been mentioned in some reports, but there’s been no confirmation from anyone there.
  • My own source at Saab said last Friday that they’ve had talks “with more groups than what’s been reported”
  • The Industry Ministry Secretary, Joran Hagglund, has hopped on a plane for Detroit, apparently in order to assure GM that the Swedish government remains prepared to honor loan guarantees for an EIB loan should a buyer who passes muster with the EIB be selected. “If the new buyer were to use the funds in the same way, for energy efficiency and green technology projects, the loan approval process could be quite quick,” Hagglund said. “There’d be no need to start at step one.”
  • Jan-Ake Jonsson and other Saab execs are also Detroit-bound to make a presentation for Saab’s future. Godspeed, fellas.

Here’s a question worth pondering……
Have the Koenigsegg Group left the building yet?
GM have a decision to make in the next 48 hours and chances are they’ve got a group of proposals in front of them right now. But what if they don’t like any of them?
The Swedish government have had extensive dealing with Koenigsegg and they know the plans they had and the reasons why they felt compelled to pull out. If push comes to shove and GM don’t like what they see, will the government simply let the cards fall where they may, or will they do what they should have done months ago and get motivated?
And what if GM decide to keep the brand for themselves? Is this a realistic option for a bankrupted and government-owned GM?
And what would it mean for us?
Personally, I really don’t know. Not to be too melodramatic, but that’s a question I’d rather not ponder.
Let’s say you’ve got a freebie option.
You can decide one model that you’d like Saab to build in the next 2-3 years. The options are wide open as to the style and class of vehicle. SUV, coupe, roadster, sport sedan – anything’s open.
The future of the company does NOT depend on your decision. You can play the whole field.
What do you build?

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