Monday Night Snippets – small world edition

Gasgoo report that Beijing Automotive, who are mostly known for their heavy machinery rather than passenger cars in the Chinese market, are planning to launch their own ‘Beijing’ branded passenger cars next year.

The partner of Daimler AG and Hyundai Motor Co, BAIC will unveil several of its own passenger car models at the Beijing motor show next April, the source said, and plans to begin commercial production later in 2010.
BAIC will revive its own brand named Beijing for the models, which will include medium and high-end sedans, SUVs and hybrid vehicles, according to the source.
The Beijing badge was created in 1958 but graced only a handful of cars due to limited production.

Anyone want to place best on what those medium and high-end sedans look like?
There have been plans mentioned for BAIC to licence Saab’s outgoing 9-5 model and possibly even the previous generation Saab 9-3 for the Chinese domestic market.
Both are very competent cars that could be produced cost effectively there. I guess we’ll have to wait until April to see how that pans out, and how well the plan is received.
TTELA report that the Projekt Trifuel cars shown at Gothenburg last week have been very well received and that ANA has received significant interest in the cars, mainly from government institutions as the infrastructure is not ready for mainstream consumer use.
The Tri-fuel cars are ones that ANA (the big Saab dealership in Trollhattan) will convert to run on Biogas, which is a methane gas extracted from organic waste. The Biogas tanks will be added to the rear of the car and the cars will maintain their capability to run on gasoline or E85 like a normal Saab BioPower model.
It’s important to note that the project is not one of Saab’s doing, but is an aftermarket initiative by ANA.
How’s this for a small-world tale?
Via email this morning from TonyVee……

Today I had the extreme pleasure of meeting two of your countrymen. I run a bookstore for a living here in the states and a customer came in a bought some books. He was having trouble getting the change right, at this point he said he was here from Snydey and didn’t understand our money. I told him I sorta had an acquaintance from Tasmania. Well, from that point on we had one helluva conversation about Saabs. He owns a 9-3 Monte Carlo and a 900. We talked about K-Segg, Saab, Volvo, and of course how lovely The Aussie country is.

There were only 50 Monte’s bought into Australia. Mine is #9.
What are the chances the owner of another one would would into a bookstore on the other side of the world and get into a Saab conversation with the owner, who happens to tune in here?

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