Monday Night Snippets – snickers edition

Don’t mean to focus on GM-follies, but does this strike you as rather strange when announcing a new model (the Chevrolet Spark)

A spark of life, a spark of intuition, an electric spark – in English Spark offers many energetic associations. “Short brand names are crisp, memorable and fit small products,” says Germany’s brand name research expert, Dr. Werner Steppat. “Whether the English word is understood in other markets or not, the name has a good ring,” says Steppat. “It is a youthful, crisp and modern name that – mainly through the vowel ‘a’ – conveys strength and character. It ends in a ‘k’ which offers a good “stopping function” which in turn makes it easier to remember,” Steppat adds.

I mean, if the name is commanding an entire paragraph then the car’s got to be lacking something, hasn’t it?
Today sees a new edition of Sniff Petrol.
I love the first story – letter ‘F’ latest to consider leaving F1. The usual language warnings apply.
I like the front view of this Saab 96. The back, not so much.
Koenigsegg Group’s Chinese investors, Beijing Automotive, have just announced the pending production of electric and hybrid vehicles.
Quite advanced, too, by the sounds of things:

The model, known as BE701, is capable of going as far as 200 kilometer per hour when fully charged, with a maximum speed of 160 km/h

Lost in translation?

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