More comments on the Koenigsegg pullout from Saab purchase

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Augie Fabela, Koenigsegg Group

“We believed in the plan, we were convinced that it would work,” Koenigsegg Chairman Augie Fabela said in a telephone interview today. “We came to the decision after deliberations over the past few days that time just ran out for us to make the deal happen. It’s up to GM now.”

Jan-Ake Jonsson, Saab chief

I was informed late last night (Monday), “says Saab’s CEO Jan-Ake Jonsson, the Swedish Radio Ekot. “Now GM must analyze the situation and decide what options are available. I can not speculate on what it will mean, we must await the analysis that GM is doing right now and that will be ready next week. Only then can we say what will happen. It is clear that all, including myself are very disappointed. We have worked so long with this and it is clear that it is disappointing not to reach the goal.”

CvK, Koenigsegg Group

“The way things look right now, we cannot complete the deal. The timeframe is unpredictable, there are too many processes that need to fall into place in parallel. Time has dragged on and not everyone has kept up. We have a business plan, but when Saab is bleeding and can’t develop during this period of waiting the financial implications and the results of the of the business plan are very unpredictable. We had set an absolutely final deadline of 30th November and we saw today that there was no hope of getting a deal together by then. And after that we dare not believe in the plan. Too much time has passed.”

Joran Hagglund, Swedish Industry ministry

We are continuing dialogue with GM to find a possible solution. To the employees at Saab, I would say that it is too early to say that all hope has run out.

George Glassman, Glassman Saab in Michigan

“It is surprising, It is not what I had hoped to hear, but I believe it’s a dead issue. In the interim, if you know of a McDonald’s, Burger King or Dunkin’ Donuts that would like to occupy my showroom, let me know.”

Paul Akerlund, Saab union chief

I am absolutely convinced that there is a future for us here in Trollhättan, even after this announcement.

Gert-Inge Andersson, local Alderman

Do you think GM has a hidden agenda, just as in the case of Opel?
It is possible that GM has solutions that neither I nor anyone else knows anything about. But I dare not speculate about it. I know that you have been sympathetic to negotiations with the Koenigsegg Group, but what has happened the past few days I do not know.

Svenåke Berglie, head of the component supplier group

It’s going to happen now is that providers of course will not give any credit to Saab Automobile, some sixty days credit does not go, “

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