More new Saab 9-5 feedback

It’s been slow-posting tonight as I had a bunch of the local Saab nuts, including a few you might be slightly familiar with in Drew B and Saabill, over to the house for picture show. I led them through the recent odyssey that was my Frankfurt/Sweden trip and all things I saw along the way.
With a 30degree day behind us, it was a nice night for a BBQ, some Saab chatter and a good catch-up.
They all got a good look at the Saab 9-5 via the Frankfurt Motor Show images and I was pleasantly surprised with the reception the car got (these guys tend to prefer their old-timers to some of the newer stuff). Apparently our local dealer has already received one expression of interest in the new car, so that’s good news.

Speaking of which, apparently interest has been quite good on the European roadshow, too, with some countries setting up ordering processes and receiving strong interest. Very encouraging.

Even more encouraging is the information I got from one dealer, suggesting that the 9-5 could start series production as early as late December this year, with cars arriving for customers in January. He heard that unofficially and because I didn’t hear it directly from a known source, I’m not sure that I can ascribe Djup Strupe status to it at this point, but it’ll be grand news if it works out that way.

One of the recent roadshow countries was Switzerland, and Marcel R attended and shot some photos of various details.
Marcel described the car as “an amazingly good looking car” with the HUD being a real hit for the leg he attended in Zurich. They got a good demo of it, apparently, and it went over really well.
Some of Marcel’s photos from the night……click
9-5 Zurich 005.jpg
9-5 Zurich 007.jpg
9-5 Zurich 009.jpg
9-5 Zurich 010.jpg
9-5 Zurich 011.jpg
9-5 Zurich 013.jpg
9-5 Zurich 014.jpg
9-5 Zurich 017.jpg
9-5 Zurich 020.jpg
Thanks to Marcel for the images and thoughts.
I hope you all get to see the new Saab 9-5 soon enough.

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