New to the SU labs

I’ve had a few things float into the SU garage in the last few days.
With the extra daylight we’re enjoying at the moment, I’m hoping to try out all this stuff in the next few days and report back on how it goes. Some of it’s general car care and some of it upgrades. Best of both worlds.
Here’s almost all of it.
Saab Leather Care Lotion
Sent to me by Saab Australia.
One of the great points of shame in my automotive life at the moment is the fact that I’ve only cleaned up the Monte Carlo once since I bought it back in January. It’s well and truly in need of a wash, polish and detail.
This will hopefully do a good job on the seats. I tried Autoglym stuff back when I had the Viggen and didn’t rate it very highly.
Saab washer fluid
Again, sent to me by Saab Australia. I normally just top up the filler bottle with plain water, so this will be a bonus. And judging by the condition of our 9000’s windscreen, we kinda need it, too.
Maptun Sports Air Filter
Ordered by me and arrived yesterday thanks to Saabill, who had it thrown in with the Maptuner and new airbox he got for his new ’07 Saab 9-3.
Taliaferro sway bar
The silver bar in the background of those photos is my 22mm sway bar for the Monte Carlo. It arrived today and is a very impressively finished and HEAVY piece of kit.
With the Aussie dollar as strong as it is at the moment, it was a no-brainer purchase.
I’ll get these installed or used in the next few days so there’ll be plenty to talk over in the next week or so.
Anyone got any regular products they like for the leather cleaning and window washing functions?

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