Saab 9-3x reviewed in Norway

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to what will no doubt be the Dagbladet Car of the Year in Norway for this year…….
What a magic photo! Click to enlarge.
It’s my pleasure to inform you that whilst the vote is still ongoing, the Saab 9-3x now has a commanding lead over all other cars in the Norwegian Car of the Year poll being run by Dagbladet.
Here’s the top 10 count as it stands right now.

  • Saab 9-3X (8122)
  • Audi A5 Sportback (4090)
  • Mercedes E-Klasse (3505)
  • Toyota Prius (2648)
  • Opel Insignia (1998)
  • Skoda Yeti ( 1936)
  • BMW X1 ( 1401)
  • Peugeot 3008 ( 1338)
  • Lexus RX450h ( 1037)
  • Toyota Avensis (966)

Now, whilst we did publicise this poll a couple of times, that was some time ago. The last time I mentioned it here, the 9-3x was in second position behind the Audi A5. As you can see, there’s been consistent voting for the Saab ever since, and it’s now received more than double the votes of the A5 in second place.
Truly remarkable.
But then this really is a very good car. I’ve told you that myself, but then I am a little biased.
No matter, because the people at Dagbladet have also driven it and published a review of the car today. I’m pleased to say that they agree with me – that the changes made to the 9-3 in order to build the 9-3x are all alterations that make sense and genuinely improve the car.
My favourite Googletrans quote:

This Saab has many good sides, but also some bad. The great appeal to the heart, bad for the brain.

They love what the raised ride height and changed suspension have done for the ride. They love the functional interior, the reduced road noise and the performance of the engine and XWD system.
What they don’t like so much is the smaller cargo interior (compared to the Audi and Volvo offerings) and the lack of a diesel/XWD combination.
All in all, a very good summary of a very good vehicle.
And a nice shot of the interior, too.
Noway Saab9-3xinterior.jpg

My thanks to Arild for the update.

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