Saab 9-3x vs Subaru Outback

Auto Express has conducted a comparison test involving the Saab 9-3x and the Subaru Outback.
Let’s cut to the chase: they award the result to the Subaru and we shouldn’t be that surprised. Subaru virtually created this sector of the market. They’ve been at it for years, their models have been getting bigger and better and this is the latest car in their range to get the update treatment.
The Outback has the full Subaru getup including their new diesel boxer engine combined with their proven AWD system.
AE could compare diesels or they could compare AWD systems – but not both. Saab don’t have a diesel/XWD combination on this car and maybe that’s what tipped this test. Saab’s XWD system is second to none, and combine that with their excellent TTiD engine and you’d have one heck of a way to get around the paddocks. If only.
The Subaru was more expensive but they say, better equipped. It was also more practical due to bigger size, AWD and greater ground clearance.
The Saab was better to drive, had a better and more powerful engine and looked a whole lot better. It is actually cheaper than the Suuby as well (which surprised me).
The bottom line – Saab have done a damn good job to produce a first effort that gives an interesting challenge to a well established player in the marketplace. But they really do need that XWD/diesel combination in order to run with the big boys in Europe.

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