Saab 9-5 European tour – Austria done, Greek leg cancelled

The Saab 9-5 European tour has taken a turn for the worst following the breakdown in the deal to sell Saab to Koenigsegg.
The tour finished its run in Austria recently and was due to start in Greece on December 2, but I noted a comment from “GR” stating the following:

I’m sad to say that Dec. 2nd, 9.5 presentation in Athens Greece was canceled. Despite receiving our artworked invitations and drooling about the glamorous outdoor hosting location, we got phone & email cancellation announcements. NG9.5 is for a few days available for the Greek eyes and hands in the official importer/dealer’s showrooms.

I hope the Greeks who are interested in seeing the car can get along and catch a glimpse as it really is worth seeing in person.
I believe Italy was due after Greece. I’m unsure as to whether that tour will proceed.
Some pics from the Austrian leg of the trip.

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