Saab 9-5 in Bern, Switzerland

The Saab 9-5 European roadshow took a few turns through Switzerland last week. I’ve already mentioned that the guys at Hirsch got their historic collection out for a show.
Well, the 9-5 also stopped in Bern, where they had a very good turnout and I’m told the car was once again very well received.
They did two events in Bern on November 3. A daytime event was held for the press, including local television. The evening event was attended by customers. Both groups were addressed by Saab staffers including designer Simon Padian, product manager Magnus Hansson and others (depending on the timeslot).
Here’s a few pics. And note the other vehicular entertainment there, just in case the 9-5 wasn’t enough!
My thanks to Saab Switzerland for providing the shots.

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