Saab 96 retro rally project wants your input

We’ve seen some good retro-Saab ideas that were pretty much just photoshop ideas.
This is something different. This is something that someone really plans to build using a Saab 9-3 convertible as a base.
The project is being publicised and promoted by our mate Etienne from Belgium. Here’s the thrust of it:

It’s a modern reinterpretation of the 1960’s Saab 96 which will be built on a convertible 9-3’s platform. At this moment the project is only a sketch but this English company mean to develop a drivable prototype with 300hp that will be shown at the 2011 Goodwood festival of speed, to celebrate the jubilee of Erik Carlsson’s second victory in the 1961 RAC rally with the 96 number 1.

If the project goes ahead, it will be built by Snetterton Memories Ltd, and English company who specialise in designing and building vehicles inspired by prestigious popular ‘old-time cars’.
A website has been setup for this project and here’s the last paragraph:

The project is absolutely a private matter between Snetterton Memories Ltd and its designer Vincent Maréchal, and they hope to see this project become reality. You can help by showing your interest here. Your valued comments on this blog could very well help to see this project become reality.

So please head on over to the website and provide your thoughts.
When you post your comment, you might think it’s been rejected as the comment form returns with your details present but the comment box blank. Scroll up and check first before re-entering them.

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