Saab dealers running out of cars, Saab planning more

Despite very poor sales this year, Saab dealers are running out of cars.
US dealers, in particular, are complaining of low stocks and long delays for orders.
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“We have about 10 Saabs left, and they won’t last long,” Ivan Goodwin, sales manager at Jim Ellis Saab in Atlanta told Bloomberg News. “It’s going to be a big problem, but there is nothing we can do about it.”…….
……But the company says that as soon as the Koenigsegg deal is done and a EUR400m (US$600m) loan from the European Investment Bank comes through, it will start to ramp up production; it also says that it will start taking orders for the new 9-5 soon with US deliveries scheduled to start in the spring after the car has gone on sale in Sweden where dealers are also complaining about a lack of stock.
Lars Kopp, who runs a dealership in southwest Sweden, said Saab has extended delivery times, with the longest wait being eight weeks, as Saab’s “stretched liquidity” means the carmaker cannot produce enough cars. He has 20 vehicles in stock and orders for 50 more.

As hinted at in that article, Saab have plans to accommodate the shortfall, planning on a boost in production as soon as the calendar ticks over to the new year.

– We will raise the rate from week 1, and then go from 13 cars per hour to 28 cars per hour, “says Paul Akerlund.
In volume terms, it means that 100 production cars per day in the current situation, will be approximately 220 per day by year end.
There is more in line with the demand looks like. Today’s extreme low production rate has created much longer waiting times for customers than is desirable.

This sale completion cannot come soon enough. The world is ticking along and Saab is running out of time to get things back to normal. The buyers will pass them by eventually.
Fingers crossed the EU can get a decision out soon and push this puppy along a little. Saab’s got plenty that’s ready to go. All they need is a green light to get going – soon.

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