Saab factory builds first new Saab 9-5

With thanks to my mates at Auto Motor and Sport….

This is the first production version of the new Saab 9-5 to come off the line. It was built earlier this week.

First 2010 Saab 9-5.jpg

A little Googletrans on some of the production work that’s had to be done prior to getting to car #1

A dozen bodies were pressed in Rüsselsheim before the final move was carried out in autumn, from Germany to Trollhättan. Before that, the Opel factory “hand built” around 50 9-5: or used to test and crash tests, and exhibitions. The ten body structures has been working as “guinea pigs” in Saab’s prototype workshop where they built up and dismantled several times to train staff on the new model. These first cars were built at Saab’s prototype shop, which resembles a “mini factory” with the same workstations as the major production line.

Here’s hoping that even in this darkened hour, that this is the first of many.

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