Saab feature in New York Times

The New York Times has a great feature article on Saab today.
It’s basically a short pre-GM history of the Saab automotive operation, noting some of the distinct philosophies and developments that made Saab an unlikely consumer favourite over those early years.

….whatever comes, the Saab legacy is secure, including an innovative streak that helped to transform an aircraft maker into a car company that packed personality into every model.

This, of course, is what Saab used to and though it’s more difficult today because of regulations (safety, emissions, etc etc) it’s what they really need to do again in the future: innovation and personality.
I’ll leave you to read the article in full, but will mention that there’s also an accompanying list of what the author considers to be perhaps the most collectible Saabs:

  • 1958-60 GRANTURISMO 750
  • 1966-67 850 MONTE CARLO
  • 1959-78 SAAB 95
  • 1978 99 TURBO
  • 1986-94 900 CONVERTIBLE
  • 1985-91 900 SPG
  • 1993-97 9000 AERO

You can click through at that second link to see why.
I’m not sure I recall anything as good as this, or Sam Knight’s article, happening in recent years. Could it be the prospect of Saab being ‘independent’ once again that’s drawn this interest?

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