Saab gets green light from Swedish Debt Office

This one’s confusing me a little, but I’m all for it.
The Swedish Debt Office has given Saab the thumbs up today, saying they have enough collateral to borrow the money they seek from the EIB.
Confusing? I thought this particular news was not supposed to come until after the EU Commission made it’s decision.
From Swedish Radio news (Googletrans):
Saab Automobile get the green light by the Debt Office for their securities. The company is expected to have sufficient assets to the state should be able to provide guarantees for the loan of the European Investment Bank (EIB). Thus, one major obstacle in the loan process eliminated.
– We believe that there is adequate collateral, “says Erik Sjulander, Deputy Director of SNDO Department of guarantees and loans.
The Debt Office has been cautious in its assessment of Saab’s assets. The starting point has been that taxpayers should not suffer if the guarantee falls out, which it will if Saab cannot pay back the loan.
On the balance sheet from the March Saab had assets worth 8.9 billion kronor. Bankruptcy value was set at 3.2 billion kronor.
Although the Debt Office has decided that Saab is sufficient collateral for the loan of over four billion remains a part of negotiations on the guarantee conditions prior to Debt Office may make a recommendation to the government.
It is government that determines the issue of loan guarantees.
It takes its decision only after the EU Commission has given its approval – a process that is likely to be delayed into next year because the Commission wants more information about Saab’s economy.
Thanks to Dippen, in comments and others via email.
You guys might have to post any more subsequent news that might break while I’m catching some Z’s (starting in about 10 minutes from now)

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