Saab heading to court?

Time to catch up on stories not related to dealerships and the US (tho we will return).

Saab may be heading off to court to fight an order stating that they must pay around 100 million SEK by mid-December.

At issue seems to be whether the full amount is due, or whether it should be written down under the terms of Saab’s composition arrangements, made whilst under court protection.

Saab does not accept the county administrative requirements. The company has projected that the entire pay security included in the composition and should be written down.

– It may be that we go to court to hear the question, “says Saab’s CIO Eric Geers told TT.

Throughout the six-month reorganization process, Saab and the state had different views on insolvency and recovery.

According to Eric Geers, the company has not decided exactly how to proceed.

– But we stick to the view that it is not right to remove a part of the guarantee and assess it in a different way than the other, “he says.

The County Board is as determined – that guarantee the first month is payment for work performed after the reconstruction started making it into a new debt. And new debt is not included in the agreement.

– It’s not a decision to appeal, but a requirement subject to the law, “says Christina Danielsson, head of the economics unit at the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland, to TT.

These things are never easy, are they?

Another rocky shelf to navigate for Saab’s chief legal eagle, Kristina Geers.

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