Saab – not your average BAIC sale

Oh, such clever and un-search-friendly headlines…..

I think we can definitely pencil BAIC in as contenders:

Asked by reporters whether BAIC would consider approaching Saab as a solo buyer or only as a part of a consortium, Wang Dazong said: “I would just say, ‘stay tuned a little bit’.”
Speaking on the sidelines of a China-European Union business summit, Wang said BAIC’s strategy of going global was still in place.
BAIC must decide its next move after a consortium of which it was a member, led by tiny Swedish luxury car maker Koenigsegg, pulled out of talks last week to buy Saab, putting in doubt the future of the loss-making GM unit.
“I cannot control GM’s timetable. I obviously have no way of influencing GM’s timetable. I would just say we are very dynamic and impatient people. We want to do things fast.”

Now the big question is whether or not GM would sell the whole of Saab to a company from China. Maybe they could work out a deal like Ford have done with Geely with regards to Volvo intellectual property, etc, but that deal between Geely and Ford is taking time that GM probably don’t have.
More from ‘the Wangster’

Asked if Beijing Auto would follow Geely’s example with Saab, Wang said. “We don’t see a need to buy a new plant. I don’t see a need to buy a building; I don’t see a need to buy a robot. So what’s left? You figure it out.”

If it makes you feel any better, people who I’ve spoken to about the various parties that toured Saab earlier this year said that BAIC were very much the preferred party to deal with in terms of Chinese groups that came through.

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