Saab O The Week – Truth in plates

Has there ever been a band called The Hotness? We had The Darkness a few years ago. Why not The Hotness?
This one was spotted by Mats, at the shopping center just outside of Trollhattan, I’d say. As an owner of a similar vehicle, all I can say is a big, hearty AMEN.
Click to enlarge.
Still with the family visit. Around 6 hours of internet downtime didn’t help today, either.
Mike900 – I have sprayed my nuts. Will be having a crack tomorrow. (That’ll make sense to him.)
If you’re in the US, please check with your Saab dealer to see if they will remain as a Saab dealer and add the results of that enquiry here. And yes, I’ve seen the Brewer decision and no, it’s not decent in any sense of the word.

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