Saab safety on display at Ohio dealership

I’d like to thank AJ Murphy from Just Saab in Cincinnati, Ohio, for sending me these images from the Just Saab showroom.
What you see here is a real-life demonstration of Saab safety and it’s become quite a talking point for customers coming into the dealership. The car is a 2009 Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan and it was recently hit in the rear by a truck.
The owner walked away without a scratch or even an ache and as you might expect, is awaiting delivery of his new Saab 9-3.

….we were so impressed that this much damage resulted in no injuries that we put the car in our new car showroom! It’s a fantastic conversation piece but more importantly delivers a strong message to prospective SAAB owners of just how safe these cars are.

Some interesting points from AJ:

  • 3 of the 4 doors open and close
  • The car still drives (was driven from the body shop to the detail bay, then to the showroom)
  • No airbag deployment (how intelligent is this SRS system?)

Here are the images. Click to enlarge.

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