Saab small market sales data

It’s time for another post detailing Saab sales for markets other than the US, Sweden and UK.
There were 120 sales in Italy, down 62% from the 318 sold in the same month last year.
There have been 1,674 Saabs sold in Italy this year, down 57% on the same period last year.
Thanks Carlo!
There are news stories all over the place here in Australia about how the car industry has rebounded in October.
As might expect, though, Saab isn’t part of that good news. I don’t know their exact sales numbers for the month, but I can tell you they were down by 77% for the month are down 34% for the year so far.
Till has posted through the sales from Germany.
Just 47 vehicles were sold in October. There is no percentage decline for the month listed, but there’s been a decline of 67% for the year so far.
There were 38 Saabs sold in the Netherlands in October, which is actually a lot better than it sounds, given what’s happened in the Dutch market this year. 35 of those vehicles were 9-3s and the remaining three were 9-5s.
I’ve got some great news coming out of the Netherlands shortly, too. Stay tuned.
There were just 41 Saabs sold in Canada in October, but as we know, Canadian dealers well and truly in limbo at the moment with no Saturns to sell and no Saabs to order.
Other markets, please update in comments or by email.

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