Saab UK sales data – October 2009

The British car market’s an interesting one.
Take Subaru, for instance. They are kicking goals in many parts of the world and one would think that their mix of AWD tractability, rugged reliability and decent pricing would have gained some traction with the country farmer brigade. Pun intended.
But, in October 2009 the numbers tell us that Land Rover outsold Subaru, Chevrolet, Lexus and Alfa Romeo – combined.
The Brits like what they like and to hell with conventional wisdom that might dictate otherwise. And God bless ’em for it, too, because they like Saabs.
As much as they like Saabs. though, that doesn’t help when there’s not much to sell and not much advertising to sell it with. Hence, whilst the British market was up by 30% in October (thankyou, cash for clunkers), Saab were down by the expected 66.8%.
Saab sold 335 vehicles in the British market in October, down from 1,009 in the same month last year.
31 of those vehicles were sales thanks to the scrappage scheme that’s been running for several months now. The main beneficiaries of the scheme have been Ford, Toyota and Hyundai, the lowest of which has sold over 18,000 vehicles.

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