Saabrina Lives (in spirit, anyway)!

What an utter surprise today when I stumbled upon an abbreviated step-by-step history in a blog post from a man named Seth Leitman who, apparently, has successfully converted a Saab NG900 to electric drive. His car is very similar to Saabrina, one of our favorite subjects on SaabsUnited/TrollhattanSaab.
You may recall one of the sadder moments recorded on this site when Swade announced that Saabrina, Mark Ward’s 1995 Saab 900 SE, was destroyed by a fire in his garage. He had very nearly completed the conversion of the car to all-electric operation. I still admire Mr. Ward’s fastidious attention to detail.
In contrast, Mr. Leitman’s approach seems to be “let ‘er rip” — and get someone else to convert the car for you. In his case, he chose a local EV specialist to do the conversion.

saabunderhooddone seth leitman.jpg

The car uses what seems to be a readily available electric motor and a bank of lithium iron phosphate (a type of lithium ion) batteries. Lithium ion batteries are the type used in most modern electronics.
So, here’s the kicker. Mr. Leitman is offering a free ride in his Saab 900 electric for anyone in the New York City area. Anyone interested in doing so may contact him through his blog. If you do, please take a camera and chronicle the ride for the rest of us. I’m keenly interested in the how a Saab electric rides and drives.

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