Saab’s SAHR system works!

One of our own, a young guy known here as ‘Mo’ and at SaabCentral as ‘Mohooba’ recently got into an accident on his way home, in Houston.
Here’s the car that hit him, driven by a lady who was eating/cellphoning/texting/makeupping (take your pick)……
And here’s the initial primary damage to Mo’s car.
It doesn’t look like much from there, but the impact was around 20-25 mph and the shunt was enough to cause some creasing near the C-pillar that was a real cause for concern for a few days. There are more photos at SaabCentral.
The good news is that the creasing has been confirmed to be nothing substantial in terms of chassis damage.
The best news, is the report Mo gave to me about his injuries from the accident….. of which there are none.

Hi Swade,
The car will be fixed as the crease in the C pillar was only bent sheet metal and thank god not frame damage. The frame is perfect and intact. The usual things are being replaced, like bumper, exhaust, panels, etc. Saab has done wonderful things with SAHR, as I had no whiplash and I fear that if i was not in a Saab my neck would be aching right now.

Accidents like this are a pain in the backside because they often have the potential to put your car out of comission for some time for repairs. Then you’ve got the potential legal hassles, etc.
Thanks to Saab’s clever engineers, it need not be a pain in the neck as well.
I’m sure we all hope you’re back on the road soon, Mo.

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