Saturday Snippets – stuff that’s too big to be snippets edition

I always thought that Carl-Peter Forster was a pretty straight shooting guy. His GM blog, Driving Conversations, always had a much more down to earth feel than the others. Less spin and more meat.
And he was the guy ultimately responsible for Saab in the end, being the head of GM Europe and the Chair of the Saab board. Though I get the feeling that that responsibility meant that he answered for their results but took orders as to their future.
Anyway, CPF has quite possibly confirmed my stand-up-guy thoughts. There’s rumours around through papers in Germany that he’s resigned from GM Europe due to their failure to complete the Opel deal.
Autoblog report that he was ‘disgusted’ with the way the process was handled by GM.
Welcome to the other side, CPF.
Inside Line are reporting that Saab is to build a new concept car in the next 12 months, one that will reportedly state Saab’s future direction in a post-GM world.
My brief message to Saab – unless you’re getting interns in to do this, please don’t. You’ve got a minimal staff and everyone’s needed to make real cars you can sell.
Give us a present we can believe in and then work on the future.
More talk in the Chinese automotive media about Beijing Automotive building the old Saab as their own badged vehicle.
From Gasgoo.
And just on case you only thought I was re-covering things that were mentioned in comments overnight……
This from Jan-Ake Jonsson in the latest issue of a Saab Magazine. Sent in by Till72

Our customers can also look forward to the new 9-4x, with which we will present ourselves in segment of the crossover cars. Of course the new 9-3 is first priority but we will also keep an eye on the segment below the 9-3.
You, our customers will see a even more consequent alignment of Saab for we return to our roots – this is where we belong, this is where we want to be. And those who couldn’t find the right Saab in the past can choose from a much broader product range now.
The Saab brand was never more important than it is today. Our consequent alignment on the aspects safety and environment will be our trademark in the future. Saab stands for independent thinking – and we invite you to learn more about our way of looking at things and to become a part of the future of Saab.

Big day today. Matress shopping, BBQ shopping and then watching/helping a mate who’s putting a supercharger into a Corvette!!

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