Share your favorite mechanical blunder

I have been inspired by a Dutchman calling himself “De Teng” on, my preferred Saab DIY site. Back to that in a minute.
My inspiration: use this weekend space to share your favorite mechanical blunder. So, if you’ve ever…..
– knocked your car off the jack stands,
– ruined your Saab 9-5 cabin vent fan by losing your footing and knocking the access bracing loose with the fan in the critical opening (my personal favorite),
– reversed the wiring on a critical component,
we want to know. Now let’s turn back to our story at hand.
It seems that De Teng was willing to share a funny/embarrassing anecdote about his recent trouble with some body work on his bullnose Saab C900 4-door.
His story (edited by me):

This is my first Saab classic 900, and it deserved the effort required to refurbish it.
Anyway, me and my friend planned this week for some bodywork. When I bought the car, I got a new door with it. “Suits perfectly”, the seller said, and I started lacquering the spare door. Well.. here we go folks! My friend — quite experienced with cars — helped me and we took off the old door and attached the new one.

See the results after the jump…

C900 door too big.jpg

That’s right. De Teng found this out only AFTER sanding, painting, removing the old door and replacing it with the new door that it was from a 3-door. That’s pretty funny. At least to me it is.
So, that’s what we’re after today. Funny stories about you and your tools. Or perhaps you are a tool. Either way, if it’s funny, it sells. Comments are open!
UPDATE: Here are some of the responses that De Teng got on the forum:
– You’re one of us now.
– Get a bigger hammer!
– I think, with a lambo style swivel hinge, that we could make that work somehow.
– Just keep hittin’ it. It’ll fit, trust me.
– Wash it, and blow dry. It will shrink.
– That’s what sawzalls are made for.
– Just remove the rear door and you’re set.
– Well you could keep the back window down as you would have a wind deflector with the door like that.
Some of these responses are very predictable. Once again, if you’ve got a better caption/comeback, put those in comments, too.

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