SU Site statistics – October 2009

It’s a new month and before the sales numbers come out, it’s time for a brief bit of introspection to see how things went here at Saabs United.
In short, it seems that all the news is well and truly out there as SU went through a substantial decline in pageviews in October. I guess it was inevitable seeing the Koenigsegg transaction is all-but-done and I’m not worried by it at all. Bottom line: We’re still telling a whole lot of people about these great Swedish cars.
Saabs United served just under 10,000 pages every single day for October, serving 296,836 in total for the month. Those pages were served to just over 42,000 individual visitors for the month.

The Top 10 cities for October were as follows:

And here’s a few rash-o-grams for several of the more popular countries……
The United States:



And a final little diagram. Something a little bit different…….

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