Sunday night snippets – Alive edition

Pearl Jam are touring Australia at the moment, and whilst I won’t be seeing them (bummer) it does remind me of one of my favourite road trips of all time, during which we had a cassette tape of TEN on auto-reverse for an entire week.
Remember when auto-reverse was the biggest thing in audio? I digress.
This whole dealer upheaval, price upheaval and model range upheaval has me in a spin. Will the car company that I’ve grown to appreciate, even love, look anything like it does now in three or four years from now? Will it have the same qualities that drew me to it in the first place? Will there be a Saab motor car that I can not only appreciate, but genuinely aspire to?
I’m still alive when it comes to Saab. I fear that the company is turning its back on its own history, but remain hopeful.
The next 9-3 has a big burden to bear, doesn’t it?
Sorry if that was all a little too dramatic, but sometimes you just have to write what you think.
Per Eklund, standing on top of his car having just driven it to victory at the Solberg Extreme Motor Show. From
I’m not sure what was involved in this event (and I think it was mostly for laughs and a good show), but Per beat some good competition to win the best-of-three final round.

In the ‘Real Deal’ class Per Eklund (SAAB 9-3) beat 2009 FIA European Rallycross Champion Sverre Isachsen (Ford Focus ST) in the final after both drivers won their semi-final from respectively Morten Bermingrud (Citroën C4) and Camilla Antonsen (Ford Focus).

Per also hired out a car to another driver, who drive the Saab 9-3 to victory against Marcus Gronholm to take the ‘Golden League’ event.
Hat tip to Mike Jager, as usual.
So what goes into renovating a kiss-ass dealership in the US?
Try a gymnasium, masseuse, manicurist and every other amenity under the sun.
Read and enjoy this article from the Chicago Tribune on a new Cadillac/Toyota/Chevy/Scion dealership. This takes some money.
I must say…..
In considering my thoughts as posted at the top of this article, I was compelled to consider the appreciation I have for my own modern Saab.
Yes, I prefer the older stuff, but I’ve got to say that my more modern Saab really is one heck of a nicely sorted machine now. I’d even go so far as to say i’m more attached to it than what I was to my Viggen. It doesn’t look anywhere near as good, but it does drive every bit as good.
They really made something great out of that car. The 900/9-3 was my least preferred Saab when I first saw it back in the 1990s. If only I’d known then what I know now.
Bottom line: in spite of my fatalistic outlook, this company’s clearly capable of some brilliant, brilliant things.
Have a good Sunday.

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