TTELA focus on Kristina Geers

You’ve heard me mention Eric Geers a lot on this website. As Saab’s head information/PR guy for the last couple of years, he’s been one of my main go-to guys when I need to know what’s going on over there.
Eric’s a company guy and a straight shooter and he’s been absolutely fantastic to deal with in the last 12 months whilst Saab’s being going through this most turbulent time.
You may not know, however, the Eric’s not the only member of the Geers household with a hand on the corporate steering wheel at Saab.
Eric Geers is married to Kristina Geers, one very smart lady who has been Saab’s chief legal counsel since 2004.
TTELA’s Magnus Nordberg has continued his first rate coverage of the Saab sale with a profile piece on Christina Geers, who has not only had a big role to help steer the biggest corporate reconstruction in Swedish history, but has also had the good grace to let a little blogger from Tasmania use Saab’s good name and imagery for promotional effect without cracking the whip 🙂
Some edited Google-trans excerpts (which are hopefully still accurate):

Everything came at once. A complex transfer of ownership, a long process to get a loan from the EIB and a reorganization of record size. 2009 for the longest time has been more about law than automobiles for Saab.
– There is not a year I would like to redo,” says Kristina Geers, the company’s general counsel who played a key role in all this…..
……It all began November 8 last year, when the first signs appeared that GM would get rid of Saab. At the beginning of 2009 there were three major challenges – cutting Saab from GM, finding a new owner and getting through a reorganization.

On the workload:

– Each of them is a huge process, on top of the regular work,” says Kristina Geer…..
……- We have 30-40 contracts must be written between Saab and GM. Sure, we realized that there was a complexity, but it’s just taking it step by step…..

On the future:

…..she does not plan to use the experiences of Saab affair as a springboard to new jobs.
– I like where I sit. And when we are separated from GM, I get a more independent role and therefore an opportunity to build their own international network. It will be very exciting.

I think Kristina Geers is yet another person in a long line of people at Saab that we enthusiasts will have to thank once this whole affair is done and dusted.
The notion that someone like Kristina and her husband Eric would be happy to stay at Saab in the long terms is a very comforting one. And somehow pretty fitting too. It really does come across as a family-style company.

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