Warning: Differing opinions reported

Mr. Jason Mick reporting on DailyTech.com writes that GM has no bids for Saab and will take action on our favorite automaker in a board meeting this week. It is his opinion that closure is a preferred option for those in the know. He writes:

A GM source, speaking to The Detroit News, says that GM’s board will meet next Wednesday to decide on the brand’s fate and that they may decide to shut it down.

Three problems here:
1. The Detroit News article that he cites is over 36 hours old, which can be (is?) a critical difference in this case.
2. Folks at Saab know differently and are openly discussing the alternative suitors that want an ownership stake in Saab.
3. Swade has reported differently, and, believe me, he’s in a position to know a few things.
Do not believe this report, nor any other one that has Saab making a quick exit. Saab may not survive, but there is ample interest in the company to keep hope alive for some time to come.
You heard it here first.

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